Tempo TV Network received already $300,000

POSTED: 11/1/12 11:44 AM

St. Maarten – Pan-Caribbean cable network, Tempo, has already received $300,000 from the government for the hosting of Tempo Turns 7 in St. Maarten. The accumulated sum represents two payments that were made to the network since it announced in early September that it would be bringing its anniversary celebrations to the island. Finance Minister Roland Tuitt confirmed on Wednesday that the remaining $100 thousand owed to the company would be paid close to the start of the one week event, slated for November 25 to December 1. The government signed a contract with the company and expects a further boost in tourism in exchange since Tempo has pledged to attract many Caribbean and North American patrons to the island through a massive marketing campaign. The government also stands to get some of the dividends from local shows hosted at the St. Maarten Festival Village during Tempo Turns 7. Several sections of society have expressed disappointment with the government’s decision to invest in the project instead of injecting the $400,000 into social initiatives. Minister Tuitt said that the money was taken from the tourism budget.

Tourism Minister Romeo Pantophlet has assured that St. Maarten will earn back the money it invested into Tempo Turns 7. “We’ll get our money’s worth,” Pantophlet said in September.

Minister Tuitt said that it is stipulated in the contract how much exposure St. Maarten will get from the event and “people are checking to see if they are living up to it.”

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