“Tempo is a network, not a promoter,” Tuitt

POSTED: 11/29/12 3:06 PM

St. Maarten – “I am disappointed with some of the local artistes in the way they are operating,” Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said yesterday as he fielded questions on the sustained criticism of Tempo Networks and the fallout between the Pan Caribbean network and local artistes.

“Government is trying to resolve the issue and they are still taking it a step further. I don’t know why. The show is not government’s show, it’s an organization, they are dealing with the specialty that they know. Tempo is not a promoter, Tempo is a network. There is a big difference between those two and I think the local artistes have to take that into consideration too,” he added.

Last week a few local artistes launched an all assault against the network for refusing to pay local artistes to perform during its anniversary celebrations because they would be getting international exposure. Tempo stated that it tried to barter with some of the artistes but they were charging exorbitant prices. The controversy sparked a call by certain sections of society that all Tempo activities be boycotted. The artistes then approached Tuitt who promised that the government would pay $23,000.00 to the artistes for them to perform during the activity.

Tuitt clarified that the money that will be now used to pay some disgruntled local artistes for performing during Tempo Turns 7 will not be additional funds. It will come from part of the ticket sale proceeds of the regional and international concerts.

He maintained that government is not involved in the daily operations of the network even after being questioned as to why Parliamentarian Romain Laville and Isidore The Mighty Dow York had a heated altercation in the government building last week.

“If two individuals get themselves in a problem, it doesn’t involve government,” he said.

The government invested $400,000.00 in the Tempo Turns 7 week of activities.

“We have to take certain things and put them in perspective. This government has invested a sum of money a small piece is for operational cost and the larger portion for advertising. What interests this government is the advertising that takes place as far as the whole operation is concerned. Many people including the local artiste are mixing it up as if this government is included in the daily operations of Tempo. We are not involved in the daily operations of Tempo and we specifically did not want to get involved in the daily operations of that company,” the finance minister said.

He also wondered why Tempo Networks is receiving so much opposition when the Tourism Ministry has invested even larger sums of money in other agencies to boost tourism.

“We make bigger contracts than that with bigger companies in the United States, Europe and South America and we don’t get involved in their daily operations. So why should we get involved in Tempo’s daily operations?  We made a contract with them, we hope to get the fruits of the investment that we make which is specifically an advertising issue and we hope to get the fruits of the advertising for the money that we paid,” he concluded.


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