TelEm works on more bandwidth for Blackberry mobile service

POSTED: 08/23/11 12:23 PM

St. Maarten – Increased demand for mobile data services from TelEm Group customers is causing congestion on the company’s Blackberry Smartphone service making it necessary to increase available bandwidth for the BB network.

According to Chief Technical Officer Elder Louisa, TelEm is currently in talks with BB partner Research in Motion (RIM) to provide increased circuits and bandwidth so that congestion on the BB network can be reduced considerably.

“Once the circuits are in place, the fast BB speeds that our customers have become used to will be immediately restored,” Louisa said.

He says since the company’s Blackberry service is offered in collaboration with other parties, TelEm Group cannot make the necessary upgrades immediately.

Until the upgrades are made, BB users may experience slower network operations, dropped calls and the need to redial numbers before a connection is made.

“This will happen during peak hours (around the midday and between 4:00 pm and 6:00 p.m. in the evening) when the there is the heaviest demand on the network,” Louisa said.

He added the use of BB’s Short Messaging Service (SMS) and BB internet surfing falls in line with global mobile trends of increasing data use and it appears that St. Maarten users are no different in that regard.

“We are addressing the congestions issues but in the meantime we are asking customers to be patient and bear with us while we upgrade the network to meet their demands,” Louisa said.

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