TelEm ups 3G wireless broadband data limits and drops rates

POSTED: 05/29/12 1:15 PM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group’s mobile provider TelCell is slashing wireless broadband rates for post-paid and pre-paid customers. Starting Wednesday, TelCell offers new rates for pre-paid and post-paid wireless broadband customers. This includes a free dongle offer to post-paid customers who take out a one year subscription for wireless broadband.
“Our Commercial Department is offering these new rates after listening carefully to customers who make daily use of our wireless broadband service,” TelEm Group Marketing & Sales consultant Emile van der Weerd said.
The change is being made as customers demand larger data packages to facilitate their daily downloads, online chatting and uploading of photos and video clips. People want to do these things using affordable packages.
“We have put together a package that offers both expansion of data limits and new prices for data packages,” Van der Weerd said before advising people to carefully assess their needs and how they intend to put wireless broadband to use.
“The wireless broadband service allows you to check e-mails on the go, do limited downloads, do Skype calls and upload photos by making use of the amount of data limited to the package taken. If a user tries to do with the wireless broadband service, all that he/she can do with the DSL service at home, it will be very expensive and can cost $1,000’s,” the Marketing & Sales consultant said.
Later he’d add, “Customers considering dropping their DSL service in favour of the more mobile wireless broadband service should consider very carefully, since both products are very different. With DSL your service is confined to the home and is not as mobile as a wireless broadband dongle that you can use on the move, however, customers should bear in mind that DSL is up to 100 times faster than wireless broadband. It is also cheaper and can be used to download your favourite movies, music, photos etc. at a fraction of the cost if you are doing the same thing on wireless broadband.”
Notwithstanding the difference between the two broadband services TelEm Group has noticed that more customers are demanding more capacity and cheaper prices to feed their growing need for mobile broadband usage.
“We are responding with these new wireless broadband rates and will continue with other attractive offers for customers in the coming months,” said Mr. van der Weerd.
TelEm Group’s Customer Care and Commercial Department teams will be out in force at all TelEm Group locations from Wednesday providing information about the new wireless broadband offers and also giving advice to the customers and the public.
For more details about the packages on offer customers should visit any TelEm Group location or look out for promotional advertisements in the local newspapers.
“We are all very excited about the product and what we are offering, which this time is a direct response to the customer’s requests. They have spoken, we have listened and this is one of the results,” van der Weerd added.

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