TelEm teams up with Genesis

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:24 AM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group has teamed up with members of the Genesis Taxi Drivers Association to provide quick and easy 3G Roaming services and Top-up to visiting and residential customers.

From this week, the Genesis Taxi drivers are fully equipped to offer passengers prepaid Top Up from their favourite mobile provider, TelCell. Tourists and visitors can also obtain roaming information and assistance, 3G SIM card packages from blister packs that the taxi drivers will also be selling.

Passengers can opt to pay for the service while making use of Genesis taxi services, or they can put in a call to their favourite Genesis taxi driver requesting purchase of a TelCell Top-Up or blister pack

According to Association President Nathaniel Wyatt, (Taxi 71), Genesis taxi drivers have completed two day training with TelCell to learn all about the company’s mobile products and how customers can make the best use of them.

Wyatt and fellow Genesis taxi association drivers, Patrick Brathwaite (Taxi 81) and Valando Hyman (Taxi180) will be advertising TelCell’s Roaming/3G mobile service on the back of their vehicles along with other Genesis colleagues in the promotion.

Before the start of tourist season, Genesis Taxi drivers were provided with an in-house training on Telcell’s roaming services. They are now capable of providing information and assistance to tourists on how to use their mobile phones on Telcell’s 3G mobile network.

“We would like to thank TelCell for giving us the opportunity to provide this service to the wide range of tourists and customers that we serve on the Dutch and French side of the island,” Wyatt said.

He went on to thank TelEm Group personnel, Cheryl Rismay, Carmen Lake-Reyes, Nina Diaz for their continued support and for making the new advertising stickers available to the association members.

Sales and marketing manager Carmen Lake-Reyes says the new promotion is in keeping with the demand of visitors and residents for easy access to top ups and sim-cards especially for international roaming customers who visit the island each day.

“Our taxi drivers are our ambassadors, so who better to introduce new customers to our services than them,” said Carmen.

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