TelEm presents Blackberry Z10

POSTED: 04/23/13 11:45 AM

St. Maarten – TelEm presented Research in Motion’s flagship Blackberry Z10 smart phone yesterday at its windy VIP-lounge in the Carnival Village to local journalists. Starting today, the device is for sale starting today for zero dollars for postpaid customers and for $649 for prepaid customers.

TelEm’s sales and marketing manager Emile van der Weerd noted that, after the company introduced Blackberry in 2009, the product has taken flight like no other and now has a 40 percent share in the local smart phone market.

The device’s popularity is based on the BB messenger service which is available for just $10 a month and allows customers to communicate cheaply. “It’s the cheapest offer in the island,” Van der Weerd said.

TelEm presents its third generation 3G-network as “the smartphone network.” Network manager Julian Lake said that the 3G-network, which launched in August 2011, gives BB-users “a better experience than on any other network on the island.”

Robert Barreto Vasquez, Blackberry’s regional channel manager for Latin America was at hand to show a selection of the advanced features of the sleek Z10.

The phone offers amongst others video-call facilities, a keyboard that understands and adapts to users thereby facilitating faster typing. That’s just a small part of the Z10’s features. The app-store holds more than 100,000 apps – enough to offer any user something of her or his liking.

Van der Weerd said that the Z10 is “the fastest and most advanced Blackberry yet” that continuously adapts to a customer’s needs “and runs perfectly on the TelEm Group’s 3G mobile network.”

He promised users ‘the fastest access to the internet for mail, Youtube movies, presentations, and large documents.”

Journalists will get a test-package from TelEm during the next couple of weeks to review the features the Z10 has to offer.

For Pearl, of Pearl 98.1FM radio that won’t be necessary: at the end of the presentation TelEm raffled a phone among the journalists and Pearl drew the lucky straw.

The review the features of the Blackberry Z10 go to


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