TelEm offers Kodak smartphone special

POSTED: 03/1/16 5:47 PM

St. Maarten News – TelEm Group is heading into the Carnival season even earlier than in previous years with some non-stop promotions starting today.

According to the company’s Carnival promotion team, picture-taking is what Carnival is all about – so why not double up an affordable smartphone with some great picture-taking features from the well-known photographic company, Kodak.

The Kodak Smartphone is TelEm Group’s first special promotion offer to customers leading up to the Carnival season.

“It should be on everyone’s wish list for Carnival,” says Carnival promotion team member Grisha Marten.

TelEm’s pre-Carnival promotion is run in collaboration with Xtratight Entertainment, who will return to Carnival with its TelCell Night of the Hitmakers event.

“As well as giving a Smartphone packed with features and accessories, we will also be giving customers a ticket to the upcoming TelCell Night of the Hitmakers show as part of the promotional package,” Marten said.

The TelEm Group will continue with non-stop promotions this year until the last day of Carnival with lots of contests, prizes, free giveaways, and quite a few surprises along the way, including a contest that will be the first of its kind for the TelEm Group commercial department.

“We are all excited about our presence in carnival, including the annual Road to Carnival jump-ups and all the other exciting things we will be involved in to spotlight our main touristic and cultural event of the year,” Marten said.

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