TelEm Group main sponsor of St. Maarten Carnival

POSTED: 01/28/13 2:04 PM
Behind, left to right: Rolando Brison, Brian Mingo, Sarah Wescot-Williams and Emile van der Weerd; sitting, left to right Erno Labega, Michael Granger and Helma Etnel. Photo TelEm Group.

Behind, left to right: Rolando Brison, Brian Mingo, Sarah Wescot-Williams and Emile van der Weerd; sitting, left to right Erno Labega, Michael Granger and Helma Etnel. Photo TelEm Group.

St. Maarten – TelEm Group and the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) signed a new two-year sponsorship agreement on Friday at TelEm Group’s main building on Pond Island in the presence of shareholder representative Sarah Wescot-Williams. Also present were members of the SCDF board, managers and personnel from TelEm Group’s commercial department and a representative of local marketing and promotion company St. Maarten to the World Rolando Brison.

“We began with baby steps last year with TelEm Group’s involvement with SCDF and we are happy that this year the company has taken a significant leap forward in partnering with the Carnival foundation. We are extremely happy to have them on board. The discussions in coming to this agreement have been open and honest and we could not be happier with this agreement, which is a win, win, win, win for everyone involved,” SCDF President Mike Granger said.

TelEm Group Chief Financial Officer Helma Etnel thanked shareholder representative Wescot-Williams for being present and members of her own team like Chief Commercial Officer Brian Mingo,  Manager Marketing and Sales Emile van der Weerd, and Marketing Officer Cheryl Rismay for working on the agreement.

“We are very happy with the contract in which both parties have tried hard to come to a win-win situation where the local telecommunication company can show its support for culture and the general community interest in this manner.  We have always supported events that are cultural and important for St. Maarten. We assisted with the building of the stage when the Festival Village was built and each year we have supported in one way or another towards the biggest cultural event for St. Maarten,” Etnel said. “As the local-owned company, we are happy that with the SCDF we can bring Carnival to a higher level and we are happy to be part of that program.”

Shortly before the new agreement was signed, Chief Commercial Officer Brian Mingo outlined its contents saying that it provides sponsorship funding for Carnival events, and also great opportunities for the promotion and marketing of TelEm Group products and services throughout the Carnival season.

“The public and TelEm Group customers can expect a more visible presence of the company, especially during local shows and local events,” Mingo said. “As a main sponsor for Carnival we have reached a milestone in the relationship of our company with the SCDF, and we are even more hopeful about how the relationship will develop moving forward in the interest of the island’s premier cultural event.”

Shareholder representative Wescot-Williams congratulated both parties. “The government of St. Maarten is a major sponsor of Carnival because we believe in the culture that it promotes as our own thing, growing from strength to strength. I want to thank TelEm for this contribution to the SCDF and for the way the company has collaborated with government in terms of sponsorship of some other events for the community of St. Maarten.”

The TelEm Group will ramp up its Carnival marketing program during the coming weeks; there will be many promotions and special Carnival offers for customers across its entire range of telecommunication services.

The TelEm group will have titled sponsorship of all local Carnival shows and events, except for the Senior Calypso finals.

“The company is local and it has shown that it is local by going after the local events. The international shows are one thing, but we always tell people that there is a great need to also support our local events and with TelEm on board and with a string of local shows we expect better attendance to local events this year,” SCDF president Michael Granger said.

He introduced the St. Maarten to the World Company as a young, new, St. Maarten-based, marketing and public relations firm that the SCDF has contracted to assist with its strategic marketing plan.

“Rolando and his team are forward-thinkers and with them we will elevate the level of Carnival with young innovative St. Maarteners. They are key to helping us prepare our proposals to the TelEm Group,” Granger said. “It is our intention to engage many corporate sponsors to make Carnival a community of interest with the business sector as an important and involved part of that community. We want our festival to grow and compete with some of the larger festivals in the south of the region and to get it to that level we need the involvement and cooperation of everyone.”

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