TelEm Group lands contract to upgrade, update University’s telecommunication services

POSTED: 05/16/11 12:09 PM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group was recently awarded a contract to upgrade telecommunication services at the University of St. Martin (USM). Under the contract TelEm Group will be installing a new and fully featured IP-based PBX system for the university campus as well as providing additional bandwidth to the University to drive new online learning schedules and a new language lab. The telecommunication upgrade is being sponsored by funding agency USONA.
During a contracting signing ceremony at the University campus lat week, USM President, Kenneth Nolan, thanked USONA for making it possible for the learning institution to utilize the telecommunication services of TelEm Group.
“We are increasing our internet speed, rewiring and cleaning up our internet connections, changing our present phone system and installing new servers. The future of USM depends on making better use of the technology that is available today, hence the upgrades,” Nolan said.
The USM president said use is already being made of TelEm Group services to help students with classes that are broadcast from classrooms in St. Thomas.
“When most of our students are making use of the present limited bandwidth, the entire system slows down and does not work as efficiently as it should,” Nolan said.
He is anticipating that the installation of TelEm’s high-speed internet service will greatly improve the quality of internet surfing and searches carried out by students and faculty each day.
The USM chief is also counting on the telecommunication upgrades to greatly enhance the courses and programs USM has to offer students on the island and also students who can be attracted to online courses the university hopes to offer in the future.
Head of the Humanities Division, at USM, drs Mariska Dias, says video and audio components that will be included in the telecommunication upgrades will be especially useful in the development of new language lab and language courses at USM.
TelEm Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo, who signed the delivery contract with the USM president, said he was very pleased that the university has chosen to continue working with TelEm Group to provide these critical upgrades.
“Both USM and TelEm recognized many years ago that we could work together in the interest of higher education on St. Maarten,” Mingo said.
The total funding for the project amounts to more than 300,000 guilders out of which TelEm Group will receive a portion for the telecommunication service it will be providing. Three other contractors will also receive payment from the balance.
TelEm Group Account Manager Margarita Hodge will coordinate the installation of the equipment with USM and ensure that deliveries are timely and of the highest quality.

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