TelEm Group cutting over 500 subscribers in Cole Bay starting today

POSTED: 04/20/11 12:19 PM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group technicians and engineers will continue their work on the largest transfer of customer subscriber lines so far in the company’s continuing migration to a new CS2K Softswitch today. The cutover began in late January and has continued in planned phases to ensure the least impact possible on residential and commercial customers in the Cole Bay area.

Some 500 lines will be transferred starting today and the remaining 1, 000 lines during the following weeks. Once the Cole Bay operation is completed, some 3000 subscriber lines in that area will have been transferred from the company’s now outdated DMS-100 digital switch to a new CS2K Softswitch that makes use of software-based Internet Protocol (IP) technology.

Once completed, the team will take some weeks to prepare and then begin work on the final and largest number of transfers in the Philipsburg area.

Line transfers have already been completed in Dawn Beach, Belvedere, Ebenezer and Simpson Bay areas.

“We originally planned to transfer all the Cole Bay numbers in one sweep, but we decided on a phased approach instead,” said Mr. Blijden.

“The second option may be taking longer than the first option, however, based on the success of the transfers so far, it was the correct decision to take,” Blijden added.

Customers in the Cole Bay area may experience temporary interruptions as a result of the cutover work and are asked to contact TelEm Group at 546 – 0100 to report any prolonged outages.

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