TelEm completed installing its fast 3G mobile network

POSTED: 08/23/11 12:32 PM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group technicians have successfully completed installation and cutover of telecommunication services to its brand new 3G mobile network – the first of its kind on St. Maarten. Technicians are now busy fine-tuning and “tweaking” the new network to ensure optimal performance.

“We are very pleased to have carried out a seamless introduction of the 3G network, now we are in the process of putting that network through its paces with the assistance of our customers and users,” reports Chief Technical Officer Eldert Louisa.

Louisa says the fine-tuning phase will settle down within short after which all issues reported by customers and users will have been addressed.

TelEm Group is meantime encouraging customers to report on the experiences they are having with either the 2.5G or 3G networks now that the 3G network has been activated.
TelEm Group is presently operating two mobile networks concurrently – the company’s 2.5G (Edge) network and the new 3G network.

The 2.5 G network is being kept active to accommodate TelEm Group customers with non-3G compatible mobile handsets.

“We are asking customers to set their phones manually in 2G/3G mode if available so that their handsets can pick up either of the networks,” Louisa said.

He added that although customers expect to see an immediate difference in functionality once they see 3G showing on their handsets, the reality is they will not enjoy a full 3G experience – including faster data speeds, until they subscribe to one of the 3G packages being offered by TelEm Group. The new packages are due to be announced within the coming days.

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TelEm completed installing its fast 3G mobile network by

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