TelCell introduces free voicemail service for mobile customers

POSTED: 07/15/11 12:59 PM

St. Maarten – TelCell is offering a free voicemail service to mobile customers island wide. The new system alerts users via SMS whenever they have a new voicemail or a missed call. The new feature was introduced in recent weeks as a free value-added service to customers.

“There is absolutely no charge for retrieving your voicemail messages and now users never have to miss a call or important message ever again,” Manager of Marketing and Sales Carmen Lake-Reyes said.

The new voicemail feature is only one of the many features that TelCell mobile customers will be able to take advantage of as the service expands further. Other new features include e-mail notification, fax mailing and receiving, and a new web interface that allows users to check voicemail online.

“The wonderful thing about this new voicemail system is that it’s very flexible. It allows customers to personalize their individual voicemail notifications to suit their individual requirements. Users can set up their new mailbox with their own greeting to persons who wish to leave them a voicemail or they can customize the way they want to be notified about a voicemail or missed call,” Lake-Reyes said.

The feature is being offered to all customers but people also have the option to deactivate it if they want. To access TelCell’s new voicemail service dial 170 from your cellular phone and follow the instructions of the auto attendant. For further information about TelCell’s new voicemail service call 546-0200.

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