TelCell discontinuing 555 prefix

POSTED: 09/23/11 12:45 PM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group’s mobile carried TelCell will be discontinuing the use of mobile numbers that begin with the prefix 555 in the coming days. The prefix will be replaced by 550 but all the other digits will remain the same. Customers should inform their contacts of the switch.

Both the new and the discontinued mobile pre-fixes will be operational until October 13. After that only the 550 prefix will work. The 555 mobile pre-fix is being discontinued in accordance with the directions of the Bureau of Telecommunications & Post (St. Maarten) as part of the transition to the North American Numbering Plan on September 30. Telcell must drop its 555 prefix because it is already assigned to various specialized services in the United States of America.

Telcell has also pledged its support to the information campaign spearheaded by the Bureau of Telecommunications & Post (St. Maarten) by informing customers and telecommunication stakeholders aware of the changes. Information on the change will also be distributed to employees, suppliers, overseas clients and other interested parties through the local, regional and international media.
“The intention is to use a range of flyers released by the BTP and also produced internally by TelEm Group, along with public information notices, sms messages and the company’s own billing system as important information channels,” a release from the company stated.
People who want more information on the switch from 555 to 550 should call TelEm Group Customer Care at 546-0100.

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