Teenagers accused of five armed robberies remain behind bars

POSTED: 09/29/11 2:07 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance postponed the trial of two teenagers who stand accused of five armed robberies they allegedly committed between May 31 and June 7, because their attorney Mr. Geert Hatzmann had received the final police report only shortly before the trial. The two defendants, Stedson M.J. and Franklin Alfred I. (both 18), will return to court on November 2.

Judge mr. M. Keppels rejected a request by attorney Mr. Geert Hatzmann to suspend his clients’ detention. Hatzmann said that the two youngsters are already three-and-a-half month behind bars.

“The standard rule is that they have to be in Pointe Blanche within 48 hours after the court orders their detention. But 16 hours after this term expired they were still at the police station.”

The attorney said that the public prosecutor’s office had denied to him that the 48-hours rule exists, but that the Judge of Instruction had confirmed to him that it does.

“Immediately after I contacted the prosecutor’s office about the expired term my clients were sent to Pointe Blanche. That looks like a confession,” he said.

Prosecutor mr. G. van der Wulp said that the 48-hour term is not mentioned in the decision by the Judge of Instruction and that judges “take individual decisions.” She also pointed out that the Appeals Court had already rejected a request to suspend the detention.

Hatzmann maintained that the standard rule leaves no room for interpretation, but Judge Keppels rejected his request.

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Teenagers accused of five armed robberies remain behind bars by

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  1. joe joe says:

    Remember the robbery a couple of weeks ago at back street, where a Guyanese business man was shot several times and die later( Mark)..well the police need to question the wife, she was supposing visiting her sweet man in New York sometime this summer, and Mark that morning borrow $5000 from a realitive that the gunman knew about. This look more of a assination than a robbery gone bad.
    Police should question the wife for this senceless killing.

  2. joe joe says:

    Check the contractor that built Mark house, that Mark wife sweet man that she was supposingly visiting him in New York this summer. Get more info from from Mark wife, her sister & especially her sister husband.