Teenager remains in custody as suspect in King-murders

POSTED: 10/5/12 1:12 PM

Murder-suspect J.C.M. is led handcuffed into the courthouse. Photo Today / Milton Pieters.

St. Maarten – Handcuffed or not, 17-year old J.C.M., a suspect in the September 21 murder of Michael and Thelma king, had a rude sign for pout photographer in store when he was led into the courthouse yesterday morning for his arraignment in front of the Judge of Instruction.

The judge deemed the youngster’s arrest and his subsequent custody according to the law. M. will now stay in custody until next week Wednesday. That day, the prosecution will ask the judge to order his pretrial detention.
The 28-year old security guard M.K.J. confessed on Wednesday to his involvement in the murders and also to a role in the robbery at the Happy Star restaurant on Cannegieter Street on September 20. J. was at the Judge of Instruction on Wednesday where his pre-trial detention for 8 days was approved.

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Teenager remains in custody as suspect in King-murders by

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