Tearful goodbye

POSTED: 08/6/15 7:03 PM

Sending your children across the ocean to pursue their studies is every year a tearful event. It is however also a moment of joy for the youngsters who are stepping into the great unknown. One would wish that they have only one objective in mind and that is to succeed.

The students are however facing tough challenges and by now, everybody knows what they are – not only the language and the way fellow-students will perceive and treat them, but also the fact that they will have to take all their decisions on their own.

It is a freedom from parental supervision that comes with a huge responsibility – one that is too much to handle for some of the students.

The student support service S4 has been replaced by a system of traveling counselors and the students are expected to receive more and better support this way.

Whether those who do succeed will subsequently feel the urge to return to the island – well, that decision is entirely up to them.

We already know that at least some of them won’t answer that call. Unfortunately, the time when people asked what they could do for their country is far behind us.

It has become more of a historical reference to the late John F. Kennedy than a meaningful hint to young citizens who are ready to pursue their careers anywhere in the world.

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