Team Coors Light wins St. Maarten Day Series

POSTED: 11/21/12 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – Team Coors-Light did it again. In the St. Maarten Day Series organized by the St. Maarten Yacht Club consisting of 2 Saturdays of sailing the C-L team won overall in LSR class. The team established a commanding lead in the first day with 4 bullets, 1st places, and one second; they where only challenged by team Robbie Ferron. On the second day, Ferron teams had some good finishes and made up some grounds but with again 2 bullets the C-L team was unbeatable. In the Laser class our young talented, sponsored by Mclaren, Rhone Findlay won all races and Leonardo Knol won the Optimist class. Team Coors-Light consisted of Paul Henriquez, Rien Korteknie en Frits Bus.

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Team Coors Light wins St. Maarten Day Series by

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