Teachers await salary increment

POSTED: 09/21/12 1:12 PM

GREAT BAY- The Windward Island Teachers Union (Witu) plans to meet with its sister unions in Curacao and Aruba during the week October 1 to October 5 to discuss the future and sustainability of the cost of living adjustment (Cola) as they continue consultations with the government as part of the organized consultative body Goa.

Witu president Claire Elshot said that she still believes that the Cola ought to remain in place to structurally adjust salaries but since government continues to say that it places a heavy burden on its coffers, the union is willing to seek advice from its partners, to look at drafts on other ways of compensating workers annually.

“To complete the whole package for the Cola 2010 we are still pending the payment of the pensioners,” Elshot stated, adding that she would not be satisfied until this is done.

Referring to the hike in gasoline prices three times in less than a month, Elshot said “I don’t understand where our consumers foundation is, where is the SER (Social Economic Council) and their position is” on this situation.

While she is yet to discuss it with her membership, the union leader favors the possibility of the annual salary increment for teachers being shifted to January as is done for other civil servants.

“We have completed the month of August and almost the month of September. According to the new salary scales of teachers as of August 1 of every year, as long as we don’t have our evaluation system in place, the teachers would have to receive an automatic increment. We have noted that a number of teachers have not received that increment. I am now convinced that we should move that increment to January as the other civil servants.”

Elshot said that she felt teachers were losing out on items such as adjusted vacation allowances when their increments are not paid out on time.

Pointing to the fact that teachers in Curacao had to undertake protest action recently because they had not received their Cola and annual increment payments, Elshot said she hoped that Ministry of Education would correct the situation by the end of this month.



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