Teach our kids the value of hard work

POSTED: 03/30/15 12:48 PM

Yesteryear it was common to see young people being given tasks by their parents, grandparents and other older members of the society. Many of these same children have grown up today to be business owners, executives, teachers, lawyers and the like. A lot of their success can be attributed to the fact that they were taught discipline at a young age and to work hard. Today we have adopted a culture where our kids are not allowed to wash dishes, sweep or do any kind of tasks because either we do it ourselves or we have people to do these things for us. I believe it’s time we take a look around and look at the results of this. What we find are kids with too much time on their hands because they are afraid of hard work and thus end up making mischief and causing fights at school, stealing, bringing weapons to school because we are no longer teaching our kids discipline. Our kids are exposed to pop culture where women are disrespected regularly and where everyone is encouraged to get rich quick by any means necessary. Are they better off than we were when we had to feed the chickens before going to school? Wash the dishes before go to play? Help our parents around the house? And definitely be in doors before dark after being allowed out to play with the neighbourhood kids in the yard? It’s time we reflect on what direction we as a society wants our young people to be heading in and where they are now and what we are doing to contribute to this. Loving our kids must also involve teaching them the value of work and discipline.

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