Taylor gets St. Maarten’s support for presidential bid

POSTED: 11/2/11 12:04 PM
FIFA Development Officer and CFU candidate Harold Taylor is flanked by SSA President Owen Nickey and VP Elton Jones during a brief meeting which was held at Déjà vu last Saturday.


A vote from St Maarten is as good as Jamaica or Trinidad & Tobago”

GREAT BAY – President of the St. Maarten Soccer Association Owen Nickey and his Vice President Elton Jones have pledged wholehearted support to Harold Taylor’s bid to become President of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU). The two gave their commitment during a weekend meeting. Telephone contact was also made with Lou Bailey, who is part of the soccer association on the French side.

St. Maarten is the 15th country Taylor has visited to seek support for his candidacy. Two countries he did not name said no but others, like St. Maarten, have given a favorable response.

“We have 25 full members and five associate members, each of them are one vote and a vote from St Maarten is as good as a vote from Jamaica or Trinidad & Tobago,” Taylor said.

This year’s election is framed against a backdrop of recent negative publicity around some of the region’s top officials in football.

“I was not involved in any of those things, what people can expect from me is my knowledge of the game and my experience because I have been involved in football for a number of years,” the Trinidadian who is also a FIFA Development Officer said.

Taylor also plans to visit Belize and the British Virgin Islands.


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