Task force commended for solving murders

POSTED: 04/20/11 12:24 PM

St. Maarten  – The St. Maarten Marines Trades Association (SMMTA) has congratulated the joint task force that solved three recent murders. The congratulations also come with sincere appreciation as the three people who were killed worked in and around the marine industry.

“We are much relieved at the news and thankful to our dedicated Police Force for their persistence and success; we applaud the “task force” approach,” the Association stated in a release.

The task force that solved the murders consisted of the St. Maarten Police Force, the RST, the Royal Marechaussees, the Gendarmes and several experts.

The association has also commended local club owners and their members for creating and financing a free crew shuttle service and adding more security patrols. The shuttle may become a permanent service when the 2011/2012 tourism season begins in December.

The association has also commended the Dutch and French Taxi Associations for increasing their night time service. The association also held two captain’s briefings that included representatives of the police. The sessions highlighted the danger of gypsies, covered the crime situation in general and were used to promote the shuttle service.

“An organized community response to the crimes, developed to help alleviate growing fear among the yachting tourists about personal safety,” the association stated in their release.

The three murders that were solved are the slaying of Chef Ludovic Guillevin; Marina Security Officer, Foidel Louis and Air Conditioning Fitter, Edwardo Nova Valdez.

“Our deepest condolences once again go out to the families and friends of the victims. We hope that with justice being served, they may in time gain some solace and peace in their hearts,” the association said.

In a release to the international media the association has also offered assurances that the island is continuously getting safer and highlighted a plan by the police to add 70 new officers to the island by the end of the year and for the Royal Marachausees to send 20 more officers in that same time frame. They have also announced that the police will be increasing cooperation with the Gendarmes and other police services in the Dutch Caribbean.

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