Tasheena Maccow-Thomas interim director at Nipa

POSTED: 09/7/16 10:03 AM

St.maarten – Dr. Tasheena Maccow-Thomas has been appointed as the new interim director of the National Institute for Professional Advancement (Nipa) per September 1.

“I am honored to be selected as the interim director,” Maccow-Thomas said in a press statement. “As an institute, we are not looking back to the past. We are moving forward, with positivity, creativity and a proper foundation. I have been here from the beginning, so I have insight concerning a lot of the issues that we faced, and ideas on where solutions can be found. It is just the matter of moving forward with strategy, innovation and a positive outlook.”

The interim-director said that all current instructors are fully qualified at the standard that is needed to teach at an SBO level. “All courses are fully outlined with the requirement necessary for a student to specialize in their chosen course. Most of our programs have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports. Nipa offers a well-rounded high quality education.”

Macow-Thomas says she wants to make Nipa the number one technical adult vocational education institute on the island. “I also hope that the community is so pleased with the students coming from Nipa that they receive a job in their respected sector upon completing their education. Finally, I hope that the community embraces vocational education and sees the importance of it for the development of our country.”

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Tasheena Maccow-Thomas interim director at Nipa by

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