Tallahassee Foundation visits Collectivité de St. Martin

POSTED: 05/15/12 11:46 AM

TALLAHASSEE Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation director Arthur Lugisse assisted eight delegates of the city of Tallahassee during a recent rest and relaxation visit to the island.

One of the visits Lugisse coordinated was a meeting with Collectivité President Alain Richardson.   Lugisse said it was a good opportunity for the Tallahassee officials to also meet the head of the government on the north side of the island and explore possibilities with respect to the sister-city agreement that already exists with Sint Maarten.

 “The Foundation will act as the main promoter and maintain contact with President Richardson with respect to exploring further opportunities,” Lugisse said.

 Deputy Fire Chief John Gatlin led the Tallahassee delegation that further consisted of representatives from public safety, law enforcement, environmental engineering, medical and private sector businesses.

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Tallahassee Foundation visits Collectivité de St. Martin by

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