Taking care of our elderly

POSTED: 01/16/13 1:05 PM

With great interest we have been following the ongoing “fight” of Drs. Raymond Jessurun, a representative of various foundations and organizations that are defending the rights of pensioners and elderly. He is a fierce proponent of equal access to health care within the Kingdom of The Netherlands, increase of the monthly pension (AOV) pay out and he draws attention to the social and medical ills our elderly endure.

On the other hand we have our government (Ministry of Health Care, Social Development and Labour) which is trying to cope with the reality of today: an ever increasing and aging population while the costs of health care continue to rise. The problem, as usual, is money. How much can be spent today while at the same time future care of the elderly is being safe guarded?

We will not go into what we think that government should do for the elderly. However, we do agree with Drs. Jessurun that there is room for improvement in many areas when it comes to the care for our elderly. What we want to emphasize on, is the fact that we all hope to grow of age and that one day we will be considered “the elderly”. How do we expect our lives to be when we are on pension? What when we become less mobile? What when we fall ill or our bodies simply refuse to do as we would like?

Sometimes it is not the money that you pay to government and what to expect in return from government. Sometimes it is simply about what to expect from the people around you like family, friends and people in your neighbourhood. So, when you pay your dues to government expecting government to cover certain expenses for you, remember this: When you expect a “pay-out” from your surroundings when you become dependent, make sure that you pay your dues to your surroundings today.

Do some shopping for those of age. Give an elderly person a ride to SZV. Help clean someone’s home every now and then. Go to the doctor or pharmacy with your elder. Spend some time on the porch and listen to your elder (you might learn a thing or two). Play a game or do something, anything, to be involved. Why? Because that person that you are doing it for that is you tomorrow. Taking care of our elderly is taking care of ourselves. #sxmmovement.

Soualiga Social Movement

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