“System is built on more taxes and a 30 million deficit” Tuitt coins Theonomics

POSTED: 01/8/13 11:57 AM

St. Maarten – The United People’s party is “very active and vocal, and spreading doom, “Finance Minister Roland Tuitt said yesterday morning at his first press conference of the year. Taking aim at UP-leader Theo Heyliger, the minister announced he had coined a new term: “Theonomics.”

“It is built on several pillars,” Tuitt continued, triggering mental pictures of the causeway across the lagoon. “It is built on more taxes; under his government the turnover tax went up from 3 to 5 percent. Another pillar is the deficit he has created in 2011 and 2012 to the tune of 30 million guilders. 2010 is another story because that year the government had a windfall. But if we look at the figures sec, there is a trend towards an annual deficit of 30 million guilders.”

Minister Tuitt also brought the causeway across the lagoon under his term of Theonomics: “He created a bridge to nowhere. If we have 38,000 inhabitants, that bridge will cost every tax payer $1,342. So every time they cross that bridge they’ll have to remember that it cost them $1,342.”

Under Theonomics harbor fees also went up, Tuitt charged. “These prices are passed on to consumers. The bridge costs $51 million and the higher consumer prices are directly linked to that bridge.”

The minister said that, though the causeway project has been put in a separate NV (a public limited company) outside of the government the project “indirectly increased the government debt by $51 million.”

Another issue Tuitt ranked under the Theonomics way of doing the government’s business is the insurance of vehicles and buildings. “We put the insurance for government vehicles on public bidding. The premium went down with more than 50 percent. Why was that in double of what it should have been under Theonomics? Why did he not save that money?”

Tuitt painted the same picture for the insurance of government buildings. “After 10-10-10 the number of buildings that fall under the government’s responsibility doubled. We put the insurance for those projects also on public bid. And the premium we are paying now is practically the same as it was under Theonomics with half the number of buildings.”

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“System is built on more taxes and a 30 million deficit” Tuitt coins Theonomics by

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