Swing bridge in causeway completed in May 2013

POSTED: 11/27/12 2:06 PM

St. Maarten / WOERDEN – Economic Affairs Minister Romeo Pantophlet and Harbor Group of companies CEO Mark Mingo visited the head quarters of Volker Stevin and Hollandia in the Netherlands to discuss the progress of the causeway construction and future projects including Pier 1 repairs.

Volker Stevin is the main contractor of the causeway project. Subcontractor Hollandia is building the huge swing bridge. Hollandia, managed by Steven Lubbers, is also known for its huge international steel projects. Hollandia was established in 1928 by the father of former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers.

During the last months the harbor and the Aviation Inspectorate reviewed the height of the swing bridge. Adjustments have been made based on the new report of Naco which was supported by a second opinion of CH2MHill Aviation Department in the US.

Pantophlet and Mingo thanked the Aviation Inspectorate’s director Halley and his inspectors for coming up with a solution and to avoid any further significant delays.

Currently, the causeway is still on track and the expected date for the swing bridge to be completed is May 2013. Some adjustments will have to be made to the pylons height and the cable structure.

Minister Pantophlet said it was important to visit the two companies and to update the Independent Engineering firm from financer CH2MHill represented by senior engineer Dave Mock who led the discussions with Lennart de Bruyn from Volker Stevin about the project’s technicalities.

Mingo said that all questions posed to the harbor during his trip will be answered. Minister Pantophlet has announced a shareholder meeting on short notice where the board and the harbor management will provide clarity “on any unclear matters related to harbor activities.”


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Swing bridge in causeway completed in May 2013 by

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