Sustainable development key at Boneiru Durodero

POSTED: 01/3/13 3:49 PM

KRALENDIJK, Bonaire — Both the business community and the government ask for more support from the Netherlands with the island’s economic development. They made this request at the opening of the first sustainability expo ‘Boneiru Durodero’.

The purpose of this expo was to stimulate awareness among the population of Bonaire for sustainable products and services and a good management of nature and environment. Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Evert Piar said that sustainability goes beyond borders and must be realized at all levels, from sustainable management and entrepreneurship to sustainable consuming. Piar: “In other words, every citizen and company is a link in the chain to sustainability in every field: the financial sector, responsible entrepreneurs, conscious consumers, the ecology, the nature, the health service, the education and the good corporate governance. It must be clear for Bonaire now that its future depends on this and that all parties are to assume responsibility for the larger entirety.”

Commissioner Burney El Hage emphasized this responsibility, especially with regard to the next generation. El Hage: “We must realize that we have this earth on loan from our children.” He further emphasized to consider the consumption pattern. “We must live more consciously and especially be aware of the fact that our consumption has a price.” El Hage pleaded for a sustainable lifestyle.

Boneiru Duradero is a small-scale initiative financed from the World Nature Fund in collaboration with Economic Affairs. It offers the local entrepreneurs a platform to present their products and thus support sustainable entrepreneurship. Several nature and environment related workshops were given but the most important attraction was the sustainability market with 27 booths. The products offered at the market varied from LED-lamps and solar panels to (edible) plants, home-made products, like jam and second-hand clothing, books and toys.

TNO Aruba was also represented at the expo, offering knowledge and expertise in the field of liquid and solid waste. Timo Brouwer from Green Force Curaçao was also present to share his knowledge and expertise on recycling with local entrepreneurs and other interested parties.

In addition to organizing this expo, Boneiru Duradero will launch several hands-on projects together with local partners, such as ‘recycle your district’, a project focusing on saving energy and water in working-class districts, and school programs that help promote awareness.

By introducing important themes like saving water and energy Boneiru Duradero wants to show that sustainability is very relevant for lower income brackets. With a district oriented and personal approach residents can be convinced that sustainability is more than investing in LED-lamps and wind energy, namely a conscious management of nature and that this eventually can have a positive effect on their budget! Besides saving money the residents contribute to conserve the economy and the nature on the island.


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