Suspect in Amador Jones killing arrested at hospital

POSTED: 04/26/11 12:00 PM

St. Maarten – The man who was injured in a drive-by shooting in Dutch Quarter last Wednesday was arrested on Saturday as he was leaving the hospital with the intention to return to his native St. Kitts as a suspect in the murder of Amador Jones that occurred a week earlier. The suspect will appear before the Judge of Instruction this morning.

Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos told this newspaper yesterday that the suspect told investigators that he had been shot by Omar J., the brother of Amador Jones. The prosecutor’s office put two and two together quickly: after the Jones murder Saturday a week ago at the Sunrise car wash and snack bar opposite the John Cooper / Jose lake Sr. Ballpark in Cul de Sac, bystanders told police officers that they’d better arrest the killer soon, otherwise they would take care of the matter themselves.

“A couple of days later Amador Jones’ brother shot the suspect,” Mos said. “We need to investigate this matter further to determine whether he really was the killer. We decided to arrest him because he wanted to return to St. Kitts on Saturday. “

Mos admitted that the arrest is based on a theory. “But it is clear as glass. He was shot down a couple of days after the murder without a clear motive.”

Omar J., who fled the scene of Wednesday’s shooting in Dutch Quarter, is still on the run. He managed to hit his brother’s suspected killer in his leg. Afterwards he fled in the direction of Oyster Pond where he set the car in which he made his escape alight.

Amador Jones served an 18 month prison sentence in 2005 for his involvement in the death of 29-year-old Erwin Ceril Williams.

Jones funeral took place on Saturday morning, hours before the suspect in his killing was arrested.


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