Suspect 2001 Carruthers-murder arrested in Rotterdam

POSTED: 09/1/11 2:10 PM

St. Maarten – A 34-year-old man from Rotterdam, identified in a press release from the public prosecutor’s office in Rotterdam only as H.N. will be prosecuted in the Netherlands for the January 30, 2001 murder of L. Carruthers in St. Maarten.
The man was arrested as a suspect in a fatal shooting in Rotterdam. The prosecutor in Rotterdam found out that N. was on an Interpol wanted-list for extradition to St. Maarten. He had fled the island after the murder and up to now police were unable to arrest him.
N.’s co-suspect in the Carruthers-killing, Eduardo “Oggie” Gumbs, was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. He was released a long time ago; on September 21 of last year, the 39-year old Gumbs was shot to death near his home on Gardenia Road.
After H.N. was arrested in Rotterdam, the local prosecutor contacted the Prosecutor’s Office in St. Maarten for information about the 2011 murder case. After having established that the suspect in both cases was one and the same, the original police file was taken from police archives and through the Prosecutor’s Office formally handed over to the Prosecutor in Rotterdam. They now have decided about prosecuting the suspect for the 2011 murder case too.
Thanks to Interpol and the fact that the Dutch Police checked all the relevant information (signaling list) and the fact that Sint Maarten Police put the fugitive on that list and could produce the relevant Police report in no time, justice can still be served in this case, the prosecutor’s office stated in a press release.
The family of the deceased has in the meantime been informed about the arrest by the local police.

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