Sundial graduates seek support for year book project

POSTED: 04/12/11 12:14 PM

St. Maarten – The graduating class of 2011 of the Sundial School has formed a committee to create a year book. The book is themed “From the Classroom to the Boardroom”  and is expected to make this year’s graduation the best ever.  In a letter to the business community, announcing 12 pages of advertising businesses can buy, the students ask for help in becoming productive citizens and in producing a “cherished souvenir to symbolize their accomplishments for years to come.”

“The success of this initiative will depend on the financial support so as to make the students’ dream a reality. By being a sponsor or an advertiser the organization or business that sponsors will benefit from the extended exposure for years to come,” Sundial principal Mirielle Regales-Peterson said.

Strategic planning organizer Bernadette Davis, who still uses here college yearbook in her networking, is assisting the students with their effort and will like help to “add some flavor to it.” She explained that they’ve decided to fill the publication with photos of the graduates, teachers and staff members. “

“You do not know what the students will turn out to be in a few years. You never know what the students will turn out to be. They could be governor or a doctor or some other person of influence. During their years at school, students develop life skills that help them become whatever they want to be,” Davis said.

She described the already ongoing meetings as a life lesson in running a successful business and said the gatherings had already delivered “fantastic ideas.” One such idea is a puzzle using the names of the graduates.

“All the children needs are some guidance and support. I know some of them will go directly into the workforce, but they’ll do so with a knowledge of project management and how to succeed in the business world. These students will continue to be an asset to any business that hires them since they have all the skills that businesses are looking for,” Davis said.

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