Sugar daddy hits lady friend and gets community service

POSTED: 09/20/12 12:35 PM

GREAT BAY – Hector Uhrighe played sugar daddy for a woman with whom he maintained a loose relationship, but when he did not get anything in return for his financial contributions to her shopping and beauty parlor expenditures on June 10 he flipped out. When he found the woman at the Francis Bar on Illidge Road in the company of another man, the 51-year-old hit her with his fist in the face.

For this display of what comes close to domestic violence, the Court in First Instance slapped Uhrighe yesterday with a 3-month conditional prison sentence, 2 years of probation and 80 hours of community service. – well below prosecutor Georges van den Eshof’s demand of 6 months conditional and 140 hours of community service.

The charges against Uhrighe were depriving the woman of her freedom (by forcing her into a car), using violence to rob her off her cell phone and ill-treatment on more than one occasion.

The victim made an extensive statement to the police after the incident on June 10. “The impression was that she had been beaten black and blue,” mr. Van den Eshof said. “She sticks to her statement but the defendant denies that he forced her into the car.”

The prosecutor asked the court to acquit the defendant of depriving the woman of her freedom and off robbing her cell phone, but he considered ill-treatment proven. The woman also told police that June 10 was the first time her sugar daddy had ill-treated her, and Uhrighe admitted this to the police.

“Domestic violence is serious. You are supposed to be safe in a relationship,” the prosecutor said.

“My client has to put on the hair shirt,” attorney Mr. Geert Hatzmann said. “There is no discussion about the question that he was wrong. But why did he do it?”

mr. Hatzmann painted a picture of a man with a modest salary who had given the victim $40 for shopping and a day later $100 for a treatment at a beauty parlor. “The victim expected my client to be her sugar daddy, and my client counted on some appreciation for it. But when he wanted to go out with her on June 10 she did not pick up the phone. He went looking for her and when he found her in the Francis Bar with another man he short-circuited. He was always there for her but when he wanted to do something nice, she was not there. He felt cheated and that is why he hit her.”

mr. Hatzmann asked the court to acquit his client of depriving her of her freedom and of robbing her cell phone. About the alleged earlier ill-treatment he said: “If I did not stay with him he was going to kill me and hide my body in the Salt Pond. That is the victim’s statement about something my client said a year ago. That is not ill-treatment; that is a threat. Even though he admitted to the ill-treatment, I ask for an acquittal because he cannot be convicted based on his own statement alone.”

mr. Hatzmann said that the prosecutor’s demand was too high for simple ill-treatment, and he asked the court to mitigate it.

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