Sucker Garden stabbing most likely self defense

POSTED: 09/10/12 12:01 AM

St. Maarten / 7 Sept. 2012 – Oneil Abraham M., the 31-year-old suspect in the fatal stabbing of 52-year-old Washington Ellis on May 26, will most likely be a free man when Judge Tamara Tijhuis pronounces her verdict on September 26. Prosecutor Dounia Benammar asked the court to dismiss all prosecution against the defendant based on self-defense. Attorney Shaira Bommel agreed with the prosecution.
The defendant was at the home of his former girlfriend Tanishia E. when the later victim showed up. An argument erupted and M. chose to leave the house. But before he reached the door, Ellis grabbed him from behind in a chokehold, and M. soon found himself struggling to save his life. In the end he managed to grab a knife from a table with which he dealt to stabs to his attacker.
Ellis was later found dead in an alley behind the Baptist church in Sucker Garden.
The court spent a lot of time on reconstructing the events. Judge Tijhuis let the defendant point out on a floor plan of the girl’s house where he had been and what the position of his attacker was. Later the girl was heard as a witness and that led to a repeat of the same procedure.
The defendant told the court that he did not remember how many times he had stabbed Ellis. “He was choking me, I was losing consciousness. And my vision started to blur.”
When Ellis came to the house, the defendant said, he started kicking the girl. When he opted to leave the house rather than getting involved, Ellis attacked him from behind.

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