Sucker Garden land dispute – Agata complains, Brown shows original paperwork

POSTED: 03/19/13 1:37 AM

St. Maarten –The structure erected on the Sucker Garden road by Steve Brown of Papas Car Rental remains a bone of contention for Rosendo Antonio Agata who claims that the government granted him the right of long lease for the land Brown is building on in 1995. It is unclear why nothing happened on the plot during the past seventeen years.

Agata severely criticized the building inspection department in a statement he hand-delivered to this newspaper yesterday. In August of last year he demanded a construction-stop, arguing that the building activities on his land are illegal.

But when this newspaper visited Steve Brown in Sucker Garden yesterday afternoon, the car rental owner showed us the original deed and the original certificate of admeasurement that prove that he owns the right to long lease. Brown did not want to say much about Agata’s protests, other than that it would probably be good advertising for his business. The structure will house the car rental office as well as a snack bar. Currently this is a work in progress.

Agata claims that the former deputy prime minister Theo Heyliger used the plot of land “to pay UP-supporters for his political campaign. Without mentioning his name in the statement, Agata implies that Brown is breaking the law by building “in conflict with construction ordinances.”

Agata demanded a construction stop in August of last year and since that time he approached the building inspection department several times about the situation.

On March 5, the head of this department, Henry Ellis, informed Agata that the construction site had been cleared the previous day by the police. In the meantime, the structure is still there.

Agata says that he attempted to obtain all documents pertaining to the construction project through the ordinance on public administration. So far, he did not receive an answer to his request.

The disgruntled plaintiff says that he suspects Ellis working against him because he took him to court in the past in a dispute over a loan.

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