“Stumbling blocks dispute regulations are clear”

POSTED: 10/9/15 4:16 PM

THE HAGUE – Minister Plasterk (Kingdom Relations) has proposed to submit all disputes between the Kingdom countries to the Council of State as a trial as long as there is no agreement about a dispute regulation. “This would suspend the measure and the advice from the Council of State would be weighty. The countries have chosen not to do this, because they thought that the Kingdom Council of Ministers would ignore such an advice.”

It is unlikely that something like that would happen, Plasterk said yesterday during the handling of the Kingdom Relations budget. “Who in the Council of Ministers wants to take a decision when the Council of State says that it is unlawful?”

Plasterk told the Second Chamber that he agrees that the Kingdom needs a dispute regulation. “The objective is consensus,” he said. “We have been in a stalemate for five years. The contours that emerged at the Ipko in May are useful, but I have no agreement with the Prime Ministers. Two of the three are not there anymore. I would love to talk about this with them, but that has not happened yet.”

The stumbling block is the institution that should handle the disputes. The Netherlands wants to use the Council of State for this, but the Caribbean countries oppose this. “The countries also want to bring article 43 under the dispute regulation. The Dutch government does not find it sensible to transfer decisive competencies to a third party. That authority belongs to the Kingdom Council of Ministers.”

Wassili Hachchi proposes to set up a committee to mediate in the matter. “That was my thought as well,” Plasterk said, “but that was not getting anywhere. The stumbling blocks are clear.”

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