Students learn about CPR at Belvedere Community Center

POSTED: 05/8/11 6:54 PM

St. Maarten —Several students from the after school program and the children in foster homes turned out for hands on training in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) at the Belvedere Community Center yesterday afternoon.  The training conducted by the Windward Island Emergency Services (WIEMS) and offered as an opportunity for the youth to focus on saving lives instead of destroying them.

The opportunity was lauded by the Minister of Health Dr. Cornelius De Weever who said that the students were getting the training that he only was privileged to receive when he was in college. “You are privileged to experience this training and I hope this sparks some kind of encouragement for you to go into the field of medicine.”  

He reiterated the comments made by one of the instructors who indicated that “one does not know where this will carry you” since it could be a family member in need of assistance. He encouraged the students to remain in the class which will be two sessions in CPR to learn as much as is necessary. It is his hope that the training they receive will encourage them for a career in the field of health care.

The students were also advised to no longer focus on the violent games that are seen on television and focus on how they could save someone. When they were asked if they were interested in the CPR training they all confirmed by the raising of their hands to the instructors.

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