Students from Bob The Builder Playschool receive coloring books and crayons

POSTED: 11/30/14 11:45 PM

BETTY’S ESTATE—Several students from Bob the Builders play school received coloring books from ARGOS and crayons which depicted the importance of water on Friday morning. Administrative Professional of ARGOS Gabriel Pena in his comments of the handing over of the materials said that water is very important and that all persons should take care of the water we use. He pointed out that even though the children are small they should know the need and importance of water.

ARGOS will be visiting other schools to do a similar presentation on the island and will also be visiting several other islands in the Region so that the children could be more aware of the importance of water and its uses.

What was ironic was that the after the presentation of the books and crayons, the children showed less interest in the what Gabriel Pena had to say about the water since they were busy coloring in their books.

Principal of the school Charlotte Jacob said that she was excited about the gift to the students, and mentioned that one of the parents decided that it would be a good gesture for the children to receive the coloring books and to get a pep talk on the use of water. “Many times we take water for granted and as a result it is a good initiative from the Argos who supplies cement to the island to present the children with the coloring books.

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Students from Bob The Builder Playschool receive coloring books and crayons by


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