Students “grill” Education Minister during field trip

POSTED: 11/29/11 7:27 AM

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, Dr. Rhoda Arrindell, (on chair) explains a point as 6th grade students of the Sister Regina Primary School take notes. (Photo contributed)

St. Maarten – Students of the sixth grade of Sister Regina Primary School grilled Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs Dr. Rhoda Arrindell about the workings of her ministry and government in general last Friday. The group of about 20 students, which was accompanied by their group teacher, Cindy Havinga, made the visit as part of what the teacher described as “a big project about all the education in St. Maarten.” The field trip to the minister’s office was intended to allow the students to “see all the work done behind the scenes of the educational system in St. Maarten.”

Arrindell was thrilled to welcome the students, who she described as very eager to learn. Dr. Arrindell fielded their questions as the students took written notes, and gave them a tour of the offices of her colleagues in the Council of Ministers, housed in the Government Administration Building.

“They asked very interesting questions about how the Ministry functions, and how decisions are taken. They wanted to know not only how government works, but also how Parliament functions, and who is in charge of what portfolios. Some were pretty well-informed and asked several probing questions,” the minister said.

“I had a really good time with them. They took me back on memory lane as a former teacher myself. I am proud of their intelligence and how well-mannered they all were,” Dr. Arrindell added.

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Students “grill” Education Minister during field trip by

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