Student helps politicians with annual accounts

POSTED: 01/21/13 12:52 PM

ORANJESTAD – No expensive external consultants for the AVP-faction in the Aruban parliament, but an eager university student. AVP-MP Juan David Yrausquin honored student Leanne Geerman for helping out with the country’s annual accounts.
Geerman studies at the Financial Economic Faculty of the University of Aruba and she did an internship with the AP-faction. Yrausquin was her mentor.

According to the university’s rector it was the first time a student does an internship with an MP. Last year the parliament received for the first time in history the annual accounts from the government. These documents were not easily accessible and they were not available in digital format either. This made it difficult for MPs to analyze the data and to hold them up against the budgets.

Geerman worked on the accounts and provided the AVP-faction with financial data that are sufficiently specified over a longer period of time. “Note we are able to do our work the way we are supposed to do it,” Yrausquin said.

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