Streetlight war between Minister Lake and MP Roy Marlin

POSTED: 07/14/14 11:41 PM

St. Maarten – The campaign for the August 29 elections has just started and already Vromi-Minister Lake and DP faction leader Roy Marlin are at war. Lake accuses the DP of damaging cables that feed streetlights along the Pondfill. Marlin is calling Lake – not for the first time – a pathological liar.

Marlin submitted pictures to this newspaper showing how the street lights were working on Wednesday evening after the DP had finished putting wooden structures into the ground, that were later touched with some red paint. It is unclear whether this is the only statement the DP is making to prospective voters or that the wooden structures will still be adorned by election posters. After Postulation Day, in between the structures appeared small placards promoting the DP’s number 4 candidate, Emil Lee, but on Sunday afternoon the situation was still unchanged. In Cole Bay, similar red-painted structures were placed along Union Road.

Vromi-Minister and UP-candidate Maurice Lake said in a press release issued yesterday “that Gebe has cable buries in certain areas and if care is not taken these cables could be damages, especially those that lead to street light poles.”

Lake then targeted the DP: “This is just what happened on Wednesday night with the Member of Parliament Roy Marlin.”

Without giving specifics, Lake then refers to “a statement on social media” adding “that ad hoc placement of information on the blogs does not do any justice for the community.”

In a roundabout way Lake then describes what took place according to him: “Based on the digging of holes in a certain area by a political party, the street light cables got damaged and the street lights went out in the same area.”

Lake said in the press release that he had to get Gebe on Thursday evening to fix the streetlights.

Addressing MP Roy Marlin, Lake continues: “I really don’t understand why the MP has this fear of Maurice Lake. I know some political parties are very desperate and are not ready for this election. If they don’t want to fire me it’s to make me look bad, destroy my character or slander me in the public eye – and this has all been backfiring on them.”

Marlin in the meantime hit back with a press statement of his own, accompanied by photos that show that the streetlights were working. It was not possible for this newspaper to establish independently at what time these pictures were taken.

Marlin states that he took pictures after the DP was finished placing its wood in the ground on Wednesday evening, while another picture was taken on Thursday after the UP had put up his posters in the same area.

“How come Gebe had to repair damaged cable on Thursday when the lights were working on Wednesday night late? At what time did Minister Lake notice the lights were not working? At what time did Vromi ask Gebe to fix the lights?’

Marlin even wonders whether Minister Lake “willfully sabotaged the lights.” He furthermore asks whether the minister is able to show pictures of the damaged cable and why Lake did not call him in person to verify the damage on the spot. “I conclude that Minister Lake is a pathological liar. He has proven this in the past during the handling of the Emilio Wilson Estate issue in parliament,” Marlin stated.

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