Street vendor fined for working without permit

POSTED: 01/18/13 2:08 PM

St. Maarten – Of the five defendants that were summoned to court yesterday for selling hats, bags and dresses on the Boardwalk without a permit, just one showed up. Marie Judith Isaac, a 46-year-old who has a stand on the tourist market along the Hendrik Straat and the Gevangenis Steeg was caught by police on December 6 of last year during the so-called Christmas-drive, was sentenced to a conditional fine of 100 guilders (almost $56) with two years of probation. The court confiscated the goods she was peddling on the Boardwalk that day.

The defendant told investigators that she wanted to renew her license and that she had been told she would not be allowed to change location. She did not receive a permit for plying her trade on the Boardwalk.
“I understand that it is difficult to make ends meet,” prosecutor Georges van den Eshof said.
“But there are other interests at stake here that are more important. Tourism is important to the island and we want tourists to be able to walk over the Boardwalk without being harassed. If that happens too often the risk is that they will stop coming to the island.”
The other vendors charged with similar offenses are Benicia D. (47), Chrismene L.Ch. (47), Kettelie D. (46) and Tity J. (57). Some of the summonses could not be served because the defendants did not live on the address they had given.

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