Storybook ending for racing Ohio couple

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:28 PM

St. Maarten – When Annette Novak agreed to join her boyfriend Chris Kriebel to compete in the mixed category in the first St Maarten Extreme Duo mountain bike event, she had no idea what awaited her at the end of the race.

Seconds after completing the 60 kilometer course with a magical time of 4.44.44, Kriebel got down on his knees and proposed to Novak, who happily agreed after taking a few seconds to gather her thoughts and regain her composure, then he gently slipped the diamond ring over her extended finger.

Novak, a lung therapist who can be described as an all rounder and Kriebel, a medical student at the American University of the Caribbean who likes to be competitive rode under the ‘Team Tri Sport America.

Ironically, they were the 12th team overall to finish the race, but Novak was the person to get the most valuable prize. “I feel like I am in some kind of fairy book,” she said. “I know my mom will cry when she hears about this,” she added.

According to Novak who was riding her bike competitively for the first time, she encountered some technical problems during the race but her boyfriend insisted that she ignore them and complete the race.

Kriebel who has just completed his time at the AUC is scheduled to head back to Ohio next week. Who knows, maybe this time next year or when they are ready they might choose to tie the knot right here, it’s a possibility that cannot be ruled out because these two Americans have a good reason why they will never forget sweet St Maarten.


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