Stop Drop and Go campaign deemed success (handing over illegal weapons)

POSTED: 02/2/15 1:03 AM

St. Maarten —Even though the “Stop, Drop and Go” project which was conducted by the law enforcement officials of both sides of the island was deemed successful; law enforcement officials still believe that there are still numerous guns in the community. The idea behind the project was to remove the illegal weapons from the community so as to stem the use of armed robberies and other incidents of violence which were happening last year.

Police spokesman Ricardo Henson pointed out that although the campaign was really targeting the youth who have guns, several prominent persons handed in their weapons for one reason or the other. “The age of the youth today is no longer 15 to 21 but ranges from ages12 to 35 which was the target group for the campaign,” said Henson.

The campaign began October 15 to October 31 had to be extended to November 4, 2014 and some 80 weapons were handed in which Henson considers as satisfactory. He explained that they were not expecting so many firearms and was pleased with the results. It was also explained that ballistic tests were done by the Forensic Department to determine whether the weapons that were handed in during the campaign were used in any illegal activity such as robberies. However, the result of the tests to this date indicates that none of the weapons that were handed in were used in any criminal activity, said Henson.

The police force stresses that now that the campaign is over if persons are caught with an illegal firearm they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Henson called on persons to refrain from using firearms in illegal activities since St. Maarten/St. Martin was never an island where people used firearms to settle their differences.


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