Stoning dog leads to hospitalization

POSTED: 07/26/11 11:52 AM

St. Maarten – Police are investigating two recent and unconnected attacks, one of which led to L.C. being hospitalized.

The police report that C. was attacked on Saturday after he threw a stone at a dog that had tried to bite him. The dog’s owner got upset and threw rocks at C, and injured to the point that he had to be taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center. The dog owner has been arrested and detained as the investigation continues.

The second attack police are investigating took place near the former Photo Gumbs building on Back Street. C.H. reports that someone attacked her from behind while she was walking past the building and then bit her by her eyebrow while they fought. The attacker pulled a scissors at one point but H. was able to jump into a passing bus before the attacker could use it.

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