Stomp: “Merx-incident is an internal matter”

POSTED: 12/11/13 6:52 PM

St. Maarten – Attorney Remco Stomp, the Dean of the Bar Association considers “the incident with Mr. Merx an internal matter.”

In a brief reaction to this newspaper, Stomp stated: “The fact that Mr. Merx seems to prefer to publicly echo his sentiments and is trying to make it a personal issue is regrettable, however certainly does not, knowing Mr. Merx, comes as a surprise.”

This newspaper published an article last week based on a letter Stomp sent to Merx in his role as Dean of the Bar Association. He blasted Merx for showering other attorneys with what he labeled as “offensive emails” and called on him “to come to his senses.”

Merx did not respond in kind: he just noted in an email to this newspaper that he had decided not to react to the letter, especially because the result the attorneys were after (related to access to clients at the police station) had been achieved. Merx furthermore noted that it was “shameful” for someone to send the letter Stomp had sent him to the media.

In a reaction to the controversy, attorney Shaira Bommel told this newspaper that she disagrees with the letter the dean had sent to Merx and that she sides with Mr. Merx in this matter.

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