Still posted on Interpol, but Corallo is free to come home

POSTED: 11/20/12 2:00 PM

St. Maarten – Five days after B Plus Giocolegale Ltd sent out a brief press release stating that Italian authorities had annulled the arrest warrant against its owner Francesco Corallo, the casino boss is still listed as wanted on the website of Interpol. This newspaper contacted Interpol to obtain information about Corallo’s current status, but so far the agency has not responded to emails.

B Plus Giocolegale sent out a press release last Wednesday stating that the fifth criminal chamber of the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome had annulled Corallo’s arrest warrant.

On the Interpol website however, the 52-year-old is listed as wanted for “organized crime, transnational crime and fraud.”

Questions submitted to the Atlantis World Group in Cupecoy after this newspaper received the press release went unanswered as well. We asked the company’s chief financial officer Rudolf Baetsen whether Corallo would return to St. Maarten and whether he would be available for an interview.

While Interpol lists Corallo as having the Italian nationality, Corallo has on several occasions in press statements underlined the fact that he is a Dutch citizen.

Justice Minister Roland Duncan said on Sunday in the radio broadcast People’s Voice that there is no arrest warrant out for Corallo and that there is no request for extradition to Italy either.

“Italy posted the warrant on the Interpol web site. The Supreme Court in Italy has quashed the arrest warrant. There is no arrest warrant anyway. I understood from the attorney general and the prosecutor that no request for extradition or arrest of this gentleman has ever been made.”

Minister Duncan addressed the criticism he received for talking to Corallo’s Dutch attorney Van Stigt. “I disagree with that. the government has to be able to talk to everybody. If a citizen is innocent and you can’t talk to him, how do you deal with his innocence?”
The minister said that Corallo won’t be arrested if he shows up at the airport. “Why? He is a Dutch citizen; he has been a Dutch citizen for maybe twenty years. On what basis would we arrest him? We’d be running a very big risk by making a false arrest.”

Duncan said that Interpol does not have the authority to issue arrest warrants either. “The Italian government has to ask for extradition. I cannot extradite anyone to Interpol – that is an organization. Extradition is to another country. If there is no extradition request we cannot arrest someone. We can’t question that someone because we don’t know what to ask. And we only extradite if a law has been broken in another country that is the same here.”

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