Steering Committee requests bid for hosting Kingdom Games

POSTED: 09/30/11 1:17 PM

St. Maarten – Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Rhoda Arrindell is busy setting up a committee to create a bid for hosting the 2013 Kingdom Games. The island had been listed as the host country in a report from the Kingdom Games Steering Committee, but they’ve expressed concern with the state of the island’s sporting facilities after a recent site visit. Curacao has also announced that it wants a chance to host the games, because they did not host it as scheduled in 2011.

Arrindell wants the committee to include someone with financial expertise, someone with expertise in sports administration and someone with a legal mind. She’s already had some suggestions and is approaching people to participate.

Notice that St. Maarten had to create a bid was given during the meeting the minister had two weeks ago with the Steering Committee. The bid they’ve requested must be submitted by the end of October. A review of both bids will then take place and a final announcement will be made in December.

“We feel confident we will win the bid and we feel the people we will approach will be able to help us write a bid that we will win,” Arrindell said at Wednesday’s Council of Ministers press briefing.

The Minister also said that guaranteeing adequate facilities is important for the Kingdom Games bid, she believes it must happen anyway. Because of this focus she’s continued to have meetings with the board of the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex and the Foundation Upkeep Sports Facilities to craft proposals. Next to that, she’s working to split the Department of Youth and Sport to ensure that the sports department has “a foundation to execute some of the things that we feel need to be executed.”

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