Statistic Department starts with annual National Accounts Survey

POSTED: 07/19/13 12:00 PM

St. Maarten – The Department of Statistics (Stat), hereby informs the general public about the start of its National Accounts & Import/Export surveys in 2013. These surveys are carried out amongst business establishments on St. Maarten with an aim to collect financial data from all industries operating on the island. In the case of the Import/Export (Impex) survey, the main objective is to gather data on the value of the commodity flow on St. Maarten.

All companies with 10 or more employees, and are involved with the import and/or export of goods can expect to receive both questionnaires. A sample-selection has also been made of those companies who employ less than 10 persons. Given the fact, no data-collection was carried out for these surveys in 2012, data is now being gathered for the years 2011 & 2012.

In preparation for these surveys, Stat has trained a total of 7 freelance- interviewers who are tasked with delivery and return of the completed questionnaires to the department. Stat is urging the business community to fully cooperate with interviewers during the survey period, which runs officially from Monday until year-end. Interviewers are able to assist with filling of questionnaires but can also be provided with a copy of the company’s financial statements for the applicable years and can complete the questionnaires on your behalf.

These surveys are critically important, to enable Stat to provide regular statistics on economic developments on St. Maarten. In the event, enterprises or institutions require any additional information or support during this data-collection, kindly contact our office directly at

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Statistic Department starts with annual National Accounts Survey by

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