Statians critical of Winair

POSTED: 08/28/11 10:00 PM

STATIA – Residents of Statia have voiced their concern about the increase of ticket prices to travel on the Winair. During the 50th anniversary this week speakers minced no words and made it quite clear that they were not happy with the increases.
“Prices of the airline tickets keep going up and although the oil prices on the world market are also going up something that we cannot prevent, there are other factors that have affected us adversely,” said Acting Governor Louis Brown. He stressed that one of the major problems the island faces with the airline is the baggage allowance. This affects especially business people who use the airline to bring their merchandise to the island.
“Many celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Winair with mixed feelings,” Island Council member Millicent Lijfrock said. “The main reason was for Winair to manly service Saba, Statia and St. Barths. Ninety times out a hundred we feel that Winair no longer belongs to us. One of the stars on the company-emblem is Statia. Our island has ensured that the airline keeps flying. Without Winair where will we be? Even though it has spread it wings and is soaring high we must remember that customer service and company reliance makes any company reach the 100 year mark.”
Lijfrock said that accommodating customers is vital to any consumer based business. “All complaints should be taken seriously.” She called on the management to remember the people and the consumers who brought the company to its 50th year celebration and asked to put the people first. “If you have fallen off track, I ask you to come back on track as quickly and graciously as possible.”

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