Statia teams up with SHTA for eco-conference

POSTED: 09/16/13 12:04 PM

St. Maarten – “Maybe by changing Statia we can change St. Maarten,” Charles Lindo, Director of Tourism on Statia, said yesterday. He came to the island to promote the second Statia Sustainable Conference, a conference geared at educating the wider public on environmental sustainability and eco-friendly business practices for the private sector.

“I have teamed up with the SHTA,” Lindo explained. He is partnering with the SHTA because the conference will also be hosting a workshop on water recycling and conservation for hotels conducted by James MacGregor of Ecoplannet.  The purpose, Lindo said, is “to inform, to educate, to motivate.” Various experts from around the world will be attending as well, including Mark Yokoyama who resides on St. Maarten.

“Statia is a nature friendly island. We want to sustain it,” Lindo said. He said the conference was mainly for Statia to highlight the dos and don’ts of economic development, but he reached out to the SHTA here on St. Maarten because he believes the workshop on water management would be good for local hotels. “I want St. Maarten to be involved too. I have my kids living here on St. Maarten” he added. A manual will also be given to those in attendance.

When asked about the success of last year’s conference, Lindo replied that “it bypassed our expectations 100%.”

Recycling is something Lindo hopes will also take off. “Garbage is money. Now we can recycle and make money.” In order for recycling to take off, “government has to step up. Rules and regulations have to be in place to put those things in effect. Enforcement is need.” Lindo went on, saying that, “You need to continuously beat that drum backed up by credible action”. For him, it’s about changing the mindset toward sustainability.

The conference runs for three days, the 25th, 26th, and 27th of September. A separate, 3 hour water management workshop will be held on the 27th at the NuStar engineering building. The others will be held at the Mike van Putten Youth Center. The fee for the conference is $175, which includes meals and drinks.

For more information, and for those interested, you can call 599-318-2433 or email

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Statia teams up with SHTA for eco-conference by

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