Stanley Gumbs-killer Devon Otto shoots two inmates in Curacao

POSTED: 09/15/11 12:40 PM

GREAT BAY / WILLEMSTAD – Devon Otto, the killer of census office employee Stanley Gumbs has a new criminal trial ahead of him after he shot down two fellow-inmates in the prison in Willemstad. Otto, who is serving a 30-year sentence for the murder, emptied a Smith&Wesson handgun into 39-year-old L.A.K. and 37-year-old S.A.S. The men were seriously injured.

Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe has demanded Otto’s return to the Pointe Blanche prison in St. Maarten. He had been moved to Curacao because he had problems with other inmates in Pointe Blanche.

Chief Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos said yesterday that there have already been high-level talks about Otto’s return to St. Maarten. “I can imagine that the colleagues in Curacao want to keep him for questioning about the shootings, but after that we’ll have little choice. He has to serve still quite a number of years here.”

Mos described Otto as a very dangerous man. The Amigoe reported rumors that Otto has been paid to kill the two inmates. Minister Wilsoe said that before the constitutional reform all dangerous criminals from the Antilles had been sent to Curacao. “Now that the BES-islands belong to the Netherlands and St. Maarten is a country, they must take care of their dangerous inmates themselves.”

Wilsoe ordered an investigation into the presence of the firearm in the prison, formerly Bon Futuro, and now renamed Sentro di Detenshon i Korekshon.

Former Justice Minister Magali Jacoba has demanded that Wilsoe steps down. She wants a parliamentary inquiry into his decision to stop activities to promote security in the prison.

The Court in First Instance sentenced Otto to 24 years for the Stanley Gumbs murder, but the Appeals Court added six years when it heard the case last year. On February 11 of last year, the Appeals Court sentenced Otto, who had mistaken Stanley Gumbs for someone else, to 30 years.

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